Institute for Management and Economics

Activities of the Institute for Management and Economics (IME) concentrate on medium-sized enterprises - and therefore, on the engine of the German economy. The institute focuses on research into medium-sized enterprises as well as the offering of counselling and further education.

As a facility of the study course “Business Administration” (Bachelor) and “Management in Medium-Sized Enterprises” (Master), the IME serves as an interface between the university and the business, which allows a constant dialogue with practice, research and teaching.

The activities of the institute are based on three pillars, namely research, counselling and further education which are tailored to the specific features, requirements and needs in the management of small and medium-sized enterprises. IME carries out empirical research about small and medium-sized enterprises and regional economy and it offers medium-sized enterprises extensive counselling in all relevant fields - ranging from strategy development and implementation to human resource management, from organisation development and internationalization to the management of change. Moreover, entrepreneurs can make use of the further education courses in current topics of management organized by IME.