Institute for Maritime Tourism

Maritime tourism in general and cruise in particular have been experiencing very high growth rates over the last years. The focus of the institute's activities is to critically reflect on the dynamics and challenges associated with this growth.

The Institute for Maritime Tourism (IMT) aims to scientifically accompany and analyze the corresponding development dynamics of the industry for the benefit of all involved stakeholders and for the general public. This is attained by commissioned research, conference presentations, publications, professional trainings and consulting projects.

Since 2009 the IMT has participated in the study about the acceptance of offshore wind energy which is carried out together with the University Halle-Wittenberg, TU Berlin and TU Munich on behalf of the German Environment Ministry.The IMT investigates the impact of offshore wind parks on coastal tourism.

In 2008 the IMT started an academic conference series focusing on cruise tourism (ICC-"International Cruise Conference"), which represents a unique instance worldwide. The conference has been held in Bremerhaven, Plymouth /England, Dubrovnik / Croatia and Leeuwarden / Netherland.

The "Cruise Research Society" with members from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other European countries has also originated from the IMT. Publications of the IMT employees include articles in reputable scientific touristic journals, book contributions and edited books.