Institute for Technical Building Equipment and Building Management

At a time of increasing environmental pollution and dwindling raw materials, the energy-efficient supply for buildings with heating, air, cooling and other media has become a topic of growing significance.

The Institute for Technical Building Equipment and Building Management (IGG) develops innovative and sustainable concepts which are increasingly needed in this area. Research and development tasks of the institute concentrate on thermo-graphic investigations of buildings and systems, the energy evaluation of buildings, function verifications of technical systems, the analysis of thermal-technical processes as well as function and efficiency examination of heating components. Moreover, the IGG offers companies and other organizations technical counselling regarding issues in the field of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology as well as building management. Corresponding seminars, trainings and further education belong to the extensive repertoire of the university‘s institute.

Competences of the IGG are especially of benefit to students because they offer the students possibilities to comprehend their study contents concretely, to take part in current research projects and to implement their own ideas.