Institute Media & Systems Engineering

The Institute „Media & Systems Engineering" (MSE) practices research and development in the field of contructive and analytic methods of software systems and multimedia application development.
The work of this institute is closely related to Bachelor and Master Projects resp. Thesis in the areas of Applied Informatics, Business Informatics and Digital Media(production).
Interdisciplinary cooperations have a big relevance in all these activities, e.g. the cooperation with companies like NORDSEE GmbH Bremerhaven, holistic-net GmbH Hannover, Bremer Energie-Konsens GmbH Anecon Software Design & Beratung GmbH dresden and Wien, Bredex GmbH, Braunschweig, HEC GmbH Bremen, KPMG Bremen or the German Maritime Museum Bremerhaven.

Media Engineering projects are mainly concerned with
•    E-Learning software for regional enterprises,
•    Digital game-based learning in the context of museums and exhibitions,
•    Usability, playability, user experience and effectivity of learning of game-based learning applications.

Projects of Systems Engineering concern
•    Quality assurance of software systems
•    Requirements engineering and modelling of IT-systems,
•    Design of integrated systems,
•    Usability of software applications