Communication Tools Recruiting

Development of communication tools to support SMEs at recruiting activities


With the increasing expansion of offshore wind energy, the amount of maintenance work in the wind farms is also increasing. Especially small and medium-sized companies are active here. The tasks to be done in such jobs are sometimes challenging due to the weather conditions and the offshore location of the wind farms. Activity profiles are evolving only gradually and the locations of these companies are  in coastal locations, far away from attractive large cities. Therefore it is often difficult to find suitable staff. At the same time, SMEs often have neither the visibility nor the resources necessary to present themselves as attractive employers and thus compete successfully for personnel.

In this field of activity, project partners therefore develop different communication tools to help SMEs find new staff. In collaboration with student project teams, research is being conducted which reveals deficiencies through the use of scientific methods.

The first communication tool is the "Employer Attractiveness" study. In this study, the project team, in cooperation with a student team, asked students what makes an online presence of a company attractive for them. From this survey, a catalog of criteria was drawn up.  Using this catalog, 30 online presences (websites & social media) of SMEs in the offshore wind industry were examined and evaluated. From the results of the survey incl. criteria catalog as well as the evaluation of the online presences, a guideline for companies was developed.