Study Buddy

Is there lots of mathematics in this course? Which districtis the best one for living? And how do meals in the cafeteria actually taste? Before the study pupils have lots of questions to course contents and student life in their minds. These are questions which cannot be answered by any study brochure or by any professors. In the online platform of "study buddy" pupils can now ask those people who actually know the answers: the students.

There is one study buddy for each study course. All of them are students, namely "peers", who might have asked these questions by themselves not long ago. They report in blogs about the daily routine of their study course, exciting projects and sometimes also dry lecture materials - uncensored, authentic and fully personal. A list of links and a personal picture gallery, which are updated and maintained by the students, are accessible at any time.

Every study buddy is available in a chat room at least once a week to answer the questions of pupils directly. In the virtual conversation and by means of blogging, prejudicesin the mind of pupils can be corrected. Information about the university such as hints about the next open day or university tours makes the online platform even more complete and connects the online study orientation with personal counselling on site in schools and at the university.