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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Wagner vom Berg

  • Pronoun: Herr
  • Functions: Leiter Smart Mobility Institute
  • Phone No.: +49 4714823484
  • Postal Address: An der Karlstadt 8
    27568 Bremerhaven
  • Office: An der Karlstadt 6
    27568 Bremerhaven
  • Room: Z4020
  • Office Time: Montag 11-12 Uhr


Haridas, S., Schulte, R., Wagner vom Berg, B. (2022): R3 – Resilient, Regional, Retail: Implementation of SusCRM Approach within a Local Retail Platform. Enviroinfo 2022. 26.- 28. Sep. 2022. Hamburg.

Wagner vom Berg, B., Kühne, U., Schulte, R. (2021): Smarte Logistik = Digital + Nachhaltig! – am Beispiel eines Konzepts zur Bewirtschaftung der letzten Meile unter Berücksichtigung aller drei Dimensionen der Nachhaltigkeit. Praxishandbuch Logistik. Uwe-H. Pradel (Hrsg.) / Wolfram Süssenguth (Hrsg.) / Jochem Piontek (Hrsg.) / Armin F. Schwolgin (Hrsg.). Deutscher Wirtschaftsdienst.

Moritz, S., Schlüter, C., Wagner vom Berg, B. (2021): Augmented Reality Gamification of Intra- and Production Logistics. ISVC 2021 – International Symposium on Visual Computing. 4.-6. Okt. 2021, San Diego (Virtual).


The aim of the KuPoB project is the conceptual design of the conversion of a police vehicle to a fuel cell vehicle under taking into account the multifunctional operational requirements. Furthermore the operating and investment costs and the savings potential of resources, energy and emissions are examined.


The core object of the NaCl project is the development and piloted application of an novel, socially, ecologically and economically sustainable last mile logistics system based on a crowd approach, in which studentical drivers are allocated on-demand to transport orders during peak loads with electric bicycles.


The aim of H2BPMM is to develop the necessary infrastructure for the H2-drive technology through a standardized description of the processes in the form of models and to make the processes more transparent. A exemplary process is the approval of stationary and mobile H2 filling stations.