Digital Media Production

Internet, film, entertainment or communication: the world of media is digital. Even when digital tools are not used in all areas in media distribution and media reception, digital development instruments are indispensable in media production. How to deal with digital media at work and during leisure time has changed our lifestyle and working conditions dramatically. The media sector is booming and has developed into the strongest economic sector in Germany.

To analyze and to conceptualize media, to design and to develop media, to use and to reflect media critically are the core areas of the study programme digital Media production which combines the practiceoriented design with conceptual knowledge of media informatics and the foundation of design theory or concepts.

The occupational fields of future graduates of digital Media production are in multimedia, design and media agencies, publishing industry, communication and marketing departments, radio and television. DMP graduates develop, conceptualize and design. They create user interfaces for web and media, animations and 3D worlds for games as well as motion graphics for televisions. They produce audio-visual media, digital videos and electronic learning systems. They design the future of media production: from 3D-animation to the development of a corporate design and production of an image film.

The standard period of study is three and a half years or seven semesters. It includes, among other things, an internship semester (or a semester abroad), a two-semester media project and the Bachelor’s thesis as well as its graduation seminar and colloquium. The study programme is modularised and includes basic modules, extension modules and specialized modules. In the first graduate year, introductory courses in media production, media design, multimedia technologies, media informatics as well as marketing and project management are offered.

Built upon the basic modules, courses in the extension module concentrate on user interface and usability, 3D-design, animation and video production, complex design systems like corporate design, and last but not least, media theoretical contents.

The practical and application orientation is a crucial component of the study programme. In the module structure exercises and practices are integrated in almost all courses. For practical exercises and projects the Laboratory for Multimedia and Video provides excellent equipped facilities. The media project prepares the students for the internship semester which combines the theoretical and application-oriented knowledge of the media production with professional practice. In relevant media companies the students can get insights into the professional routine, establish contacts with business and develop specific professional perspectives. Alternatively, the students can study abroad to enhance their intercultural competences and to open up opportunities in national and international employment market.