Energy Management in Buildings

Energy resources become scarce, the global warming continues apace, the climate is changing: the sustainable use of raw materials has become one of the major technological, economic and ecological challenges. A significant part of the energy used nationally is consumed in the building sector, and therefore, the need for highly qualified engineers in this sector increases steadily.

The Bachelor’s programme energy Management in Buildings aims at this demand and it addresses efficient energy supply of buildings with heating, air, cooling and other mediums. The focus of the forward-looking education is the relationship between buildings as main body and their technical facilities. In the course of this, not only energy, functional and economic aspects should be taken into account, but also solutions to maximum integration of regenerative energies.

At the beginning of the study, the students acquire basic technological knowledge concerning mathematics, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, engineering design and thermodynamics which they will apply in the following study for specific issues. The advanced courses enable the engineering students to have the ability to develop, establish and operate heating systems, air conditioning systems, ventilation technology, gas and sanitary installations as well as systems for technical building management and the integration of regenerative energies.

The students gain hereby the competence in the field of load calculation, component design, firing system design, heat transmission, piping layout, software application, automation and energy evaluation of buildings and facilities. The range of internships and exercises is comprehensive. There is, for example, an internship semester completed in cooperation with industrial companies which can again generate contacts and ideas for Bachelor’s thesis. In this way, the students are well-prepared for their professional life. There are a variety of activities during the study, such as lecture events, exhibitions, excursions and student trips. These deliver further input and make the brilliant education even more complete.

The graduates with high reputation in the business world have a variety of choices in an attractive sector which has growth potential. There are exciting tasks waiting for engineers, not only in engineering companies, industrial companies and energy supply companies. In political institutions, authorities and associations, the extensive knowledge of engineers is also needed. With the distinctive expertise the graduates will promote project works, construction, research and development, production management and technical marketing in the field of energy management in buildings. Anyone who is willing to deepen his knowledge can continue his study by attending the Master’s programme at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven (for example, process engineering and energy technology or infrastructure Management and public private partnership).