Employment opportunities for graduates

Graduates in Energy Management in Buildings are traditionally employed in engineering offices, industrial enterprises, authorities, institutions, energy utilities as well as in firms of contractors. Whilst in the past most graduates worked in planning, consulting, assessment and building supervision in engineering offices, the present trend is towards more opportunities in industrial and supply companies. Tasks cover, amongst others, project work, design construction, research/development, product management as well as technical marketing. The demand for graduates of the course is greater than the number of students. This trend will continue as a result of the shortage of engineers and growing demand from the economy. Potential employers present their demand and their requirements to the University and the students at regular intervals. In general, there is an exceptionally broad range of employment opportunities both in terms of type of employer as well as of job content. After the Bachelor qualification, various Master courses are available to graduates both at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences as well as other universities.