Objectives and special features

The Energy Management in Buildings course is a sound and respected engineering course. It is characterised by the acquisition of solid basic technical knowledge, by relevant and application-oriented technical specialisation, by a strong practical emphasis, as well as by the teaching of key interdisciplinary competencies. An increasing degree of independence and scientific approaches are taught in practical and project work. In order to make a practical term possible, a standard course duration of seven terms has been chosen. The course is complemented by external seminars, lectures, excursions and study trips.

  1. Standard course duration of seven terms with high level of praktical content
  2. Qualification as Bachelor of Engineering
  3. A practical term as important prepatration for the employment market
  4. 15 places per year
  5. Thorough training and work in small groups
  6. Excellent contacts to academic staff, open laboratories
  7. Special induction and orientation seminars at the beginning of the course
  8. Bachelor thesis in co-operation with industry
  9. Subsequent Master courses