Areas of specialisation

After the second term, students choose an area of specialisation:


Food Technology:

Process engineering, food chemistry and analysis, microbiology, automation, packaging technology as well as the product technology of foodstuffs of animal/plant origin are linked during the course, both in theory and in practice, with special areas of food such as meat and meat products, bread and baked goods, confectionery, fruit and vegetable products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks or seafood. Students learn about the relevant equipment which is to be used, amongst others, in concrete examples within the laboratory parts of the sixth semester.


Food Economics:

Apart from further education in special food technology disciplines, training in business administration and management are to the forefront: Food marketing, investment and financing, controlling, personnel management, logistics and project management are taught in the context of the food economics and put into practice in seminars, using case studies and project work.