Objectives and special features

The Bachelor course in Food Technology/ Food Economics is unique in Germany's university landscape, thanks to the mix of technology and economics. For years, Food Technologists and Food Economists have been continuously in demand in the employment market. Apart from the specialist course with its technological / natural science components, key competencies in personnel management, project management and social skills are learned and trained in the form of students' projects and group work. By the end of their course and through solid scientific work and specialist knowledge and abilities, graduates should be as best prepared as possible for practising their profession. Throughout the course, value is placed on close contact between the students and the professors and lecturers as well as to the food sector itself. In this way, students are given the optimum ratio of theory and practice to qualify them for their profession.

  • Three-year full-time course with high level of practical content
  • Qualification as Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
  • Intake of 90 students per year
  • Integrated six-week practical phase in the 6th term
  • Areas of specialisation "Food Technology" and "Food Economics"