Objectives and special features

The Industrial Plant Engineering course deals with technical plants for the supply and conversion of energy, including the necessary auxiliary equipment. The focus lies on the project planning, operation and maintenance of such facilities. Apart from conventional energy conversion apparatus such as combustion engines, gas turbines and steam installations, younger technologies are also covered, such as wind energy or combined heat and power generation. Engineers are trained for a sector of the economy with a promising future. The practice-oriented training and the sound teaching of scientific methods enable students to work independently and successfully both at national and international level in all areas of plant and energy engineering. Key features are:

  • 3,5 years full-time course with a high level of practical content
  • Qualification as Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • 15 course places per year
  • Teaching languages are German (80%) and English (20%)
  • A practical period of six month (practical term)