Employment opportunities for graduates

Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences has developed the Biotechnology course in co-operation with experts from the scientific and business communities and has been systematically tailored to the employment market. In the Bioanalytical Science area of specialisation new technologies are illustrated in conjunction with the Bremerhavener Institute for Applied Molecular Biology (BIAMOL), such as mini and micro laboratory techniques (nano biotechnology) for example, amongst others for use in medical diagnostics (hygiene standards in hospitals; multi-resistance management). The course enables students who have graduated in the area of this specialisation to develop new diagnostic methods, to evaluate technologies and to contribute to the setting up and management of research and manufacturing environments as quality manager or researcher. In general, graduates find employment in five areas: Food industry, Forensic medicine, Pharmacy, Medicine, Science/Research. In the Marine Resources area of specialisation, graduates’ fields of employment might lie in the areas of environmental consulting and monitoring of offshore projects such as wind energy or drilling projects. In addition, graduates can work as evaluators or take charge of quality management tasks in environmental organisations, industrial firms, supply and disposal companies. The solid training opens up employment possibilities in the design and control of aquaculture installations, in system design and their management. Other areas of employment are method development and implementation of analysis processes in research institutions.