Research and cooperation

Effective networking with the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) and the Bremerhavener Institute for Applied Molecular Biology (BIAMOL) means that research topics of current interest are continuously incorporated into the teaching curriculum. Since the course lecturers are also working at the research institutions listed above, the network forms a platform for projects and highly practice-oriented teaching, thus ensuring a perpetual link to topical issues and problems in industry and research. BIAMOL is concerned, for example, with the development of new diagnostic systems in food monitoring and public health. Through a close partnership with the maritime department of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) an in-depth interdisciplinary understanding of the oceans as an ecosystem and of the resources which can be put to economic use is guaranteed. This focus encompasses both the demand in medicine (new therapeutic substances from marine organisms) as well as in industry (marine substances for biologically compatible materials), as well as fishing and aquaculture, bioprocess engineering and metrology, protection and monitoring of nature and environment, as well as in research and development. Students generally have the opportunity, in joint projects between the institutes, to participate actively in research and development work and thus already to learn how to work autonomously in the laboratory during their course. This prepares students for a later position of responsibility as Head of Laboratory, where problem-oriented thinking must be applied.