Objectives and Organizational Features

The master degree course in Digitalization, Innovation and Information Management is a practical study program which combines informatics and business administration. The subjects include topics like company organization and cooperation as well as information management, business process management, client management and safety and security.

Components of business information systems/informatics and business administration are taught to an equal extend. Furthermore the students are free to choose their specialization in either business information systems/ informatics or business administration while still getting the full input from both fields.

Robert Blasig, Head of IT at FRoSTA, Bremerhaven says about the master degree course: “Based on the topic, I am excited about the planed study program (20 years ago I would have wished for myself for something like this)”.

Areas of Specialization

Digitalization is the main topic in the program. Especially because of the close cooperation with business companies the aspect of digitalization in a business environment is taught in a practical manner. Furthermore the other topics of the title, innovation and information management are treated as main aspects of digitalization and therefore are included in the master degree course.

Within these three components students are free to choose their specialization in business information systems/informatics or business administration. The first step for choosing the course specialization is made during the master project. With the topic of the master thesis this choice will be confirmed.

Practical Fokus of the Programme

Due to the fact that the course includes a one year master program, which takes place in cooperation with a business company, students have enough time and the environment to simulate a real world project. The students work in teams of up to 16 persons on a complex task. Therefore they have to develop a project structure that supports the project planning, including the division of tasks, coordination and controlling. Another important aspect is the communication, internally as well as externally. The students independently organize and implement the project. Hereby they obtain explicit project experience in an interdisciplinary project.

In addition to the master project further seminars like company founding or Business English prepare the students in a practical way for their future work.