Contacts to the business community

The ISSM Master course is characterised by its close dialogue with the business community. This is reflected in numerous projects carried out by the laboratories of Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences which are involved in teaching at the University. Thus the Laboratory for Data Processing Principles in Logistics, the Laboratory for Transport Logistics, the Laboratory for Hazardous Goods with the Hazardous Goods / Hazardous Substances Information Centre, as well as the Management and Situation Room Laboratory are integrated into the curriculum to a significant degree. In addition, the ”Institute for Safety and Security Studies” is working on current research and development tasks concerned with the preservation and improvement of safety in the public area and in commerce. In the last term of the course, the practical phase, which can lead into the Master thesis in the same enterprise, represents an important opportunity for students to establish contacts to the business world and to their future employment market. How important the ISSM course is for the regional economy is also evident from the financial support given by the Nordsee-Zeitung GmbH, Bremerhaven, and the BLG Logistics Group, Bremen, who were involved to a major extent in setting up the course.