Course structure

The main topic of the course is risk management. Professional risk management in the area of security in principle comprises the following steps:

  • Comprehensive identification of possible dangers;
  • Estimation and assessment of the related risks;
  • Development and implementation of measures to reduce the risks which are in the first instance preventive, secondly defensive (if prevention has not taken hold) and finally contribute to damage containment (if defence against an actual attack has not been completely successful).

The four-term Master course is structured in modules. It comprises five core modules on the topic of safety and security which span the first three terms and cover the aspects of ”Danger Identification”, ”Safety Management”, ”Risk Analysis” and ”Risk Reduction”. There are also further compulsory modules from the fields of ”Law and International Security Structures”, ”Management in Critical Situations” and ”Public Relations / Risk Communication”. In addition, a total of three courses from the ”Logistics” module must be completed. The fourth term comprises a practical phase and the Master thesis.