Objectives and special features

Grasping complex correlations in good time is a key element of danger detection and a major prerequisite for appropriate management action, both during and after a crisis. That is why the objective of the ISSM course is to train management personnel who demonstrate a full capacity to act both at the preventive stage as well as in the mastering, confining and combating of any damage which has already occurred. What is important here is that potential dangers and threats are already taken into consideration beforehand and lead to plans to prevent or – in case of emergency – to handle damage occur rences, since now as before the principle applies that ”prevention is better than cure”. Key features are:

  • Four-term, full-time course with integrated practical phase
  • Qualification asMaster of Science (M.Sc.)
  • A scientific but also application-oriented education
  • Integration of elements from logistics
  • Co-operation with the ”Institute for Safety and Security Studies” (ISASS)

Through this Master degree course, students are also qualified for activities in the area of applied research and can create a foundation for a possible ISSM doctorate later on.