Practical focus of the course

Internationally operating terrorist rings and groups of ”common” criminals organised at supranational level are nowadays using increasingly complex methods to attack countries as well as individual commercial enterprises. Being prepared for the defence, e.g. of critical infrastructure, with regard to facilities and processes, against attacks which are partly very clever, is a fundamental requirement for the preservation of the public safety and order in a country as well as the safety and operability of commercial enterprises. In the Master course, which has a more application-oriented focus, teaching aims to relay to the full extent a closeness to practical applications. This is ensured, for example, by:

  • Comprehensive case studies in co-operation with commercial enterprises and other organisations;
  • Case studies on the topic of ”Management under Pressure”;
  • Case studies on risk communication and crisis PR;
  • Integration of hazardous substances and hazardous goods in risk analyses;
  • Teaching units in laboratories equipped for practice exercises;
  • Practical phase in the fourth term.

The ”Institute for Safety and Security Studies” (ISASS) guarantees close links to applied, practice-based research and development.