Employment opportunities for graduates

An ongoing increase in the requirement for variety, quality and quantity of process engineering products and the necessity for ever greater economy in manufacturing processes has led, over the last decades, to the tempestuous development of special processes, apparatus and plant components, and bestowed process engineering with interesting engineering tasks in research and practice. Process engineering will be faced with fascinating challenges in the future too when it is a matter, more so than in the past, of constructing nvironmentally friendly and safe installations which make efficient use of resources to manufacture marketable products. The Process Engineer, who is working more and more in an international environment, will confront these challenges and, in co-operation with engineers from other disciplines, natural scientists, economists and ecologists in an interdisciplinary team, have to solve highly interesting tasks of great future importance. The international Master course in PEET at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences does justice to all these criteria. The Master qualification from this course permits graduates to enter the higher levels of the civil service or to take up a senior position in business as:

  • Production Manager or
  • Product Manager or
  • Head of Development