Practical and research focus

Internationalisation is a key qualification feature of the practice-oriented ”Process Engineering and Energy Technology (PEET)” Master course. The international focus is reflected in the fact that 100 % of the syllabus is held in English. At the same time, the international dimensions of the topic in question – as far as is relevant – are tackled in all lectures, seminars etc. In addition, the course aims to have about 50 % foreign students. This was supported in the launch phase by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Internationalisation also means that students are encouraged to undertake international exchanges. This is possible, for example, in the framework of a term spent abroad or of the practical term. Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences maintains partnerships with the International School of Economics in Rotterdam (Netherlands), with the Mikkeli Institute of Business Studies in Mikkeli (Finland), with the Universidade de Vigo (Spain), with Satakunta Polytechnic in Rauma (Finland), with the Universitat de Barcelona, Facultat de Ciències Econòmiques i Empresarials in Barcelona (Spain), with the Akademia Morska Gdynia (Poland), with the University of Teesside (England) and with the Université du Havre (France), amongst others.