Employment opportunities for graduates

In deepening their knowledge of wind energy techniques, graduates are prepared for activities in the wind energy sector for which there is a considerable demand in industry and thus the expectation that a growing requirement for qualified graduates will be observed. Tasks can be found, amongst others, in the area of rotor blade manufacture, steel, tower and foundation construction as well as in design, project planning and logistics. Graduates of the Wind Energy Techniques course are provided with all the necessary ammunition to tackle and solve questions in the area of wind energy techniques as technical experts and management personnel. In this way, the course enables graduates to perform tasks in a comprehensive manner at middle and upper management level. Apart from dealing with several projects with different focuses, the vocational spectrum of the qualified Master graduate in Wind energy techniques demands the taking on of management tasks where the work of the team members must not only be supported but also verified. Beyond this, graduates can deploy their know-how in other industrial areas with a maritime orientation as well as in the aeronautics industry, vehicle manufacture and lightweight construction, in other fields of renewable energies and instrumentation. Additionally, it is possible to find employment in the area of research and development.