Transport Engineering / Logistics

Globally products are produced, ordered and delivered 24 hours a day – whether by rail, road, sea or air. Due to globalization and the trend of outsourcing, tasks and challenges for logistics are continuously increasing. especially in Germany, a hub between east and west, between north and south, the sector of logistics has developed into one of the strongest economic sectors. The demand for qualified specialists can hardly be covered in the foreseeable future.

The University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, as one of the training bases for experts in this field, is well recognized by European logistics companies.

The tradition of the study programme transport / logistics can be dated back more than 30 years. For years the study course has been awarded top rankings in logistics. Built upon decades of experience, the Bachelor’s programme trains students into highly qualified industrial engineers, who are capable of planning, controlling and optimizing the global transport of goods. 

In the interdisciplinary training scheme the students acquire comprehensive expertise which still remains a distinctive feature in the logistics employment market. The students deal not only with logistics and economics, but also with transport law and information technology. Additionally, all issues regarding dangerous goods and hazardous substances are dealt with in appropriate detail. Moreover, projects and the internship phase enable the students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and deepen their competence. The well developed network with scientific institutes and organizations such as the Institute of Maritime Transport and Logistics (ISL), the Institute of Risk Management and Logistics Law (IRML) or the Information Centre of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances (GGIZ) provide the students‘ chances to participate in exciting development and research projects, which are usually carried out in cooperation with regional businesses. Courses taught in English and exchange programmes with universities worldwide are integrated in the course of study, which prepare the students for the international orientation of logistics.

With the Bachelor’s degree obtained after six semesters of study the graduates have a qualification to assure attractive positions in manufacturing companies, service companies or corporate consultancies. Anyone who is willing to deepen their knowledge before beginning with the career can continue their studies in the Master’s programme logistics engineering and Management or integrated Safety and Security Management at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven.