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Student Steward Computer Science

Hello upcoming, current and no longer freshmen! I'm Franjo, I've been studying computer science at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences since the winter semester 2021/-22 and I'm your study mentor. If you have any questions about studying or living in Bremerhaven, feel free to contact me!

More about me

Computer science has been with me my whole life. I hosted my first website in the third grade, graduated from high school with an advanced course in computer science, and was already working part-time in the IT department of a company. At that point, studying computer science was already clear to me.
First I studied business informatics for two semesters at the University of Bremen and then I changed to the University of Bremerhaven.
Studying here is much more personal, we learn in smaller groups, you meet the profs in the StuCa over coffee (or cocoa in my case) and many of our exams are not exams but practical projects.
Besides my studies, I am involved in the infrastructure group of the computer science courses, I am the member for multimedia in the AStA, a student member of the study commission and the examination board, a tutor in the module "Einführung in die Informatik" and your study steward for computer science.
So if you have any questions about studying at the university, or if you have any questions later on after starting your studies in Bremerhaven, feel free to contact me!
And maybe a few tips from me:
- Move to the city (you can commute well, but this way you connect more with your studies).
- Don't overestimate the standard study time if you don't have to. A postponed exam won't mess up your studies.
- Enjoy your time here!

Contact Student Steward

Feel free to contact me during my office time: Fridays: 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. You can find the link below in my profile