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Business Administration (work-integrated learning/cooperative education) Bachelor of Arts

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Study with an employment contract in the hand

Do you like dealing with facts and figures? Are you interested in the corporate world and want to study business administration? Is it also important for you to gain key experience in a company during your studies? Then the work-integrated learning (WIL) programme in business administration at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences is just right for you. For the WIL business business administration programme at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, you are already employed by a cooperating company at the start of your studies and are sent to the university by your company for the study phases. The advantage of WIL over a classic business administration degree is that you already gain valuable experience in the company during your studies and have firm job-market prospects. Ideally, after graduation you will become a fixed-term employee of the company.

Why choose this programme

  • Work-integrated learning concept

    The alternating phases of study and professional practice offer a variety of opportunities for development
  • Focus on digitalisation

    Digital concepts and applications are the focus of the specialisations
  • Relaxed study atmosphere and personal contact

    1:1 mentoring and coaching by professors in the study programme, small learning groups and close consultation between the university and the cooperating companies

Your job-market prospects  after graduation

Permanent employment and good career prospects at the cooperation company

Ideally, as a graduate of the business administration study programme (WIL), you will be offered a permanent position in the cooperation company. This makes sense because you will have already familiarised yourself with the company during your studies and been shown medium- to long-term prospects for further development as a specialist and manager there. In the medium to long term, as a trained generalist with in-depth knowledge of the digitalisation of specialist areas in business administration, a wide range of further career opportunities will be open to you. You can apply the knowledge and skills you have learned from your studies in a wide range of business sectors (e.g. industry, retail, logistics banking and insurance). The content of the study phases is basically cross-sectoral and independent of company size. This means that you are well equipped to work in either large companies or small and medium-sized enterprises. The path to entrepreneurial self-employment is also open to you. Thanks to the strong focus on practice and application in the contents of the programme and the specialist and interdisciplinary expertise acquired during your studies, you will be optimally prepared for a career in the business world in keeping with your own individual preferences.

Facts about the study programme

  • Degree of Studies

    Bachelor of Arts
  • Study Form

    Full-time study (practice integrated dual)
  • Term of Admission

  • Term of Admission

    Winter semester (one-time for the summer semester 2023)
  • Main Course Language

  • Standard Period of Study

    6 Semester

Unlock your potential

In the first three semesters, the foundation subjects will provide you with solid business administration skills in all the classic business operation functions as well as a sound knowledge of management. In addition, in the first few semesters, you will work on practical projects in the cooperating company that are already integrated into your studies. In the fourth semester, you will complete a professional practice semester in the company, and the fifth and sixth semesters will follow in the classic WIF format, with alternating three-month phases consisting of study at the university and professional practice in the company. At our institution, the courses we offer exclusively for WIF students have a strong emphasis on digitalisation, with a relevant focus on current digital challenges and fields of application in business administration.

Programme overview

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