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Engineering – Manufacturing and Production Technology (Produktionstechnik - Maschinenbau) Bachelor of Engineering

Engineering specialisation Manufacturing and Production Technology

In our daily lives, we all use countless objects ('products') of the most varied shapes, colours and textures. This includes mobile phones, clothing, household goods and mobility goods such as bicycles, e-scooters or cars. The goal of modern manufacturing companies is to supply such products under a variety of constraints such as environmental, sustainability and commercial considerations. More detailed aspects are, for example, where this particular product can be manufactured with the help of how many people, robots and machines, in what time frame and quantity and with what use of materials. This is your profession: as graduate engineers from the Engineering study programme with a specialisation in Manufacturing and Production Technology, you will make the key decisions. You will have mastered the ability to develop, plan, implement and optimise production processes so that today's companies can hold their own and succeed in the global environment. This can be in any product segment – ranging from cars to toothbrushes.

Why choose this programme

  • High practical relevance

    Extensive practical experience in production engineering companies and cooperation with research partners ensure a top-quality education programme that qualifies students for the profession.
  • Excellent freedom of choice

    You will spend the fifth and seventh semesters in workplace practice – in a company or research institute of your choice at home or abroad.
  • Expertise and competence

    The production technology content begins in the third semester, with a strong practical focus on materials, machines and robots and the option of training as a Welding Engineer (Part 1). Extensive IT content is also integrated into the programme.

Sustainable and clean manufacturing

Activities, research and professional profile

As a graduate of the professional specialisation in Manufacturing and Production Technology, many career opportunities and fields of application are open to you in the production engineering environment. You will find your professional field of operation anywhere in a company: from technical purchasing, production planning, production control, development and research to construction, joining technology (welding and bonding) and technical sales. In addition, you will establish a foundation of knowledge that enables you to enter a master's degree programme or a research institute at home or abroad. Apart from basic engineering knowledge covering such areas as mathematics, mechanics, electrical engineering and design, you will have extensive knowledge of materials technology, manufacturing technology and disciplines that build key competencies. You will have the skills that modern manufacturing companies are looking for.


  • Degree of Studies

    Bachelor of Engineering
  • Study Form

    Full-time study
  • Term of Admission

  • Term of Admission

    Winter semester
  • Main Course Language

  • Standard Period of Study

    7 Semester

Your strengths and interests

You come directly to our NEW study programme in ENGINEERING either with or without any technical education or with the relevant previous education and with an interest in technical products and issues. At the beginning of the third semester, you will choose to specialise in MANUFACTURING AND PRODUCTION ENGINEERING (Produktionstechnik - Maschinenbau) because once you have graduated from your studies as an engineer, you want to effectively participate in the manufacture of products worldwide. You wish to improve manufacturing processes and develop environmentally compatible products, be responsible for robots and machinery, manage human resources and test qualitative improvement measures. This programme will develop the necessary skills to achieve this. The ability to do practical work in laboratory and project teams and to independently develop solutions are important components of the training.

Programme overview

Admission and application

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Engineering – Manufacturing and Production Technology

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