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ITM / Innovation Bachelor of Arts

Unique and individual / personal / international

Innovations are already of great importance for all tourism companies in order to remain competitive in the long term and to successfully design and manage travel offers. Innovations play an essential role in all areas of the travel experience and the design of offers. Thus, tourism companies can use innovations to make the stay in the destination even more relaxing or adventurous and at the same time to simplify the distribution of travel packages even further through new technologies.

The specialisation "Innovation" focuses on the creation and management of innovations in the tourism industry. In the first module "The Future of Tourism", the focus is on analysing and understanding current trends in the tourism industry. Students will gain insights into new technologies, innovative business models and progress towards sustainable tourism. The module "Business Development" is about innovation in relation to the experience of tourists in the course of their travel, as well as financing and risk management in the innovation sector. In the 8th semester, the students deal with the module "Innovation Strategy". In the strategy area, students focus on the market launch of innovations.

Another special feature is the "Business Competencies" module, in which students work on a project for a real company over the course of two semesters. Here, the lecturers acquire projects that deal with current challenges from day-to-day business. The students take on the role of consultants who work on meeting the challenges with the help of innovative solutions.

Program overview

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