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Study programme

Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies (Nachhaltige Energie- und Umwelttechnologien) Bachelor of Science

Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies

Sustainably shaping the future

How can we avoid fossil energy sources in the future? How do we feed wind, sun and water resources into our power outlets? How can we obtain energy, materials and products from biomass? How does seawater become drinking water? Process engineering provides answers to such pressing questions. It develops chemical, physical or biological processes that convert raw materials into innovative materials or usable products, such as biofuels, detergents and clean water, in a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly way. In view of global warming, environmental protection and the growing scarcity of raw materials, we are facing major challenges today that only qualified engineers can deal with. The internationally geared Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies study programme aims to meet this need by providing the engineering knowledge necessary to develop new processes to conserve resources, thus actively contributing to the energy transition and climate protection.

Why choose this programme

  • Practice-based learning

    Expansion of theoretical knowledge in very well-equipped laboratories, by participation in excursions and through a WIL semester of professional practice.
  • Diverse career opportunities

    Exciting and diverse career opportunities await wherever efficient, resource-conserving and environmentally friendly production takes place or people are cared for.
  • Save the world yourself

    Actively develop, build or operate new processes to facilitate the energy transition and decarbonisation of industry – for environmental and climate protection

Your sustainable future in this area

Activities, research and professional profile

Do more than just march for a better future – take an active part in it by designing its technology (decarbonisation of industry, bio-based products, green hydrogen, etc.). With a bachelor's degree, you can immediately launch into your professional life as an engineer. Graduates find employment in the materials conversion industry (process industry), for instance in bioenergy, refineries, chemicals, paints, pharmaceuticals, food, cement, iron, etc. Positions are also available in the utilities and waste management sector, including the areas of water, gas, district heating, recycling and urban mining. The fields of employment are diverse – in industry, engineering offices, technical monitoring and in senior civil service. In addition to management tasks in production companies and in the project planning and maintenance of plants, graduates can also work in research and development, for which a consecutive master's degree is recommended and which can ultimately even be followed by a doctorate. At Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences it is possible to complete the international master's programme in Process Engineering and Energy Technology in English. This programme explores the knowledge acquired by the students in greater scientific depth, especially in the fields of process and energy technology.

Facts about the study programme

  • Degree of Studies

    Bachelor of Science
  • Study Form

    Full-time study
  • Term of Admission

  • Term of Admission

    Winter term
  • Main Course Language

    about 70% German and 30% English
  • Standard Period of Study

    7 Semester

Unlock your potential

Students of Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies acquire a broad basic engineering education. At the same time, they become familiarised with energy and environmental technology content and professional fields right from the very first semester. During the further course of their studies, the students may individually select from core electives, allowing specialisation according to their personal interests. High priority is given to practice-based learning, which is not only promoted by laboratory and project work in small groups, but is also immensely reinforced in the professional practice semester by the students' engineering work placement in industrial companies.

Programme overview

Admission and application

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Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies

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Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies

Hello to all of you out there. I'm Alexander and I've been studying Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies since the winter semester of 2022. As a student mentor, I always have an open ear for you if you have questions about the study program or the university. So don't be shy. I look forward to meeting you!