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Wind Energy Technology (Windenergietechnik) Master of Science

Understanding wind energy as a complete system

Designing a wind turbine relies on many subcomponents from different disciplines. Understanding these subsystems and knowing how they interact means being able to optimally employ wind power generation in plant, site and operation activities keeping future requirements in view. This knowledge is imparted by experts from various disciplines in the master's programme in Wind Energy Technology. In particular in management positions within projects and companies, this holistic understanding of turbine systems is the basis for keeping pace with opportunities for further development and moving one step closer to the energy supply of the future.

Why choose this programme

  • Because of the sector

    The study programme is an industrial initiative
  • Complete wind energy systems

    Always keeping an eye on the complete wind turbine system and its surroundings
  • Relaxed study environment

    Always in direct contact with the lecturers in small groups

Configure the future of our energy supply

Many opportunities are open to you

In order to obtain the best possible yield with a wind turbine, the turbine developer must design a system that meets the requirements of the wind farm planner and provides the wind farm operator with a service-friendly product. Conversely, the wind farm operator must be well acquainted with the turbine in order to be able to implement maintenance concepts and optimise operation. This is why the study programme provides participants with competencies in all three areas.
The knowledge imparted in lectures is deepened in application in practical exercises and laboratory practice. At the same time, there are many opportunities in Bremerhaven and the surrounding area to apply the knowledge directly in companies in the sector, from manufacturers to large planners/operators to the Fraunhofer Institute research facilities.
Wind energy is the most important component of the energy transition. The aim is to increase its percentage in total energy provision even further, to align it with the relevant requirements and to help shape the future by ensuring clean, secure energy supply.

Facts about the study programme

  • Degree of Studies

    Master of Science
  • Study Form

    Full-time study
  • Term of Admission

  • Term of Admission

    Summer and Winter semester
  • Main Course Language

  • Standard Period of Study

    3 Semester

Entering the future with wind energy

The master's programme in Wind Energy Technology (Windenergietechnik) imparts knowledge on wind turbines as complete systems. The individual components of the turbines and their interdependence are dealt with in the module groups Turbine Technology, Drive Train Systems and Support Structures. Wind farm planning, with the planning and operation of wind farms, addresses the requirements of the market. The Management module provides the students with additional tools that will equip them to work later in management positions within projects and at companies. Each area also consistently addresses the special challenges of offshore wind energy. In the third semester, the programme concludes with the professional practice phase followed by completion of the final thesis.

Programme overview

Admission and application

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