Charta family in the university of applied science

It is not always simple to balance family and study. However, the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven helps with that: it has developed a range of measures to make the working and learning conditions at the university family-friendly.

By offering “little campus”, the university has set up childcare service on campus for children of students and employees. The “little campus” is not only a meeting point for children, but also for parents. For parents and parents-to-be the university has established a family portal. People who are interested can find information about childcare facilities, parent subsidies, events and leisure activities in the city and in the region. Moreover, the university strives to encourage the family awareness when organizing meetings, events and study. Committee work has been arranged in the morning to allow the participation of students and employees with family responsibilities.

Charta family in the university of applied science

The fact that students and employees assume responsibility in their families in addition to their role in the university is an important aspect for University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven.

It is a meaningful task to identify difficulties that arise in the work/study-life balance as well as to develop constructive solutions with students and employees in order to keep a caring interaction with the university members.

University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven pursues the following goals within the meaning of the "Family in the University" charter:

Working conditions: In order to improve the compatibility of work/study and family life, we use possibilities for temporal, spatial and organizational formation of working conditions.

Study conditions: Students facing restrictions on the organization of their studies due to their performance of family responsibilities are supported by us through consulting and - if possible - through individual regulations.

Networking: We cooperate with various local institutions as well as with other charter-signing universities in order to implement the goal of family orientation more effectively by exchanging experiences and acting together.

Infrastructure: We offer students and employees childcare opportunities during the lectures and working hours.