Childcare place "little campus"

Little Campus

The premises of the little campus are available daily during the week from 8:00 to 17:45.

Little Campus is an offer of the University of Applied Science Bremerhaven for its students and employees with children.

At two levels is everything provided that is needed for working, studying and playing around: A fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a room for sleeping and a room with lots of toys and book. Students and employees spending time in little campus have the opportunity to use the electronic devices provided and they can work online by using the university’s WLAN eduroam.

Parents get the key from the representative of “charta family in the universtiy of applied science” by leaving their name and (if necessary) their student ID number.

Little campus is supposed to create a new communication network in which families can exchange information and find support. Your worries, wishes and suggestions will find an open ear and the compatibility of studies/work and family will be made easier.

Help and support with the childcare is offered but own initiative of parents and volunteers is very welcome!