Learning and living at the weser dyke

Learning and living at the Weser dyke

Studying is not only about learning, but also about living a life. Dyke, harbours, beach, harbour Worlds as well as cosy cafés and bars are also part of the seaside town. The plenty on cultural offers such as cinemas, theatres, museums, diverse cafés and bars as well as numerous shopping and sports facilities make Bremerhaven a great place for strolling and experiencing.

The University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven has a unique location in the downtown area - right next to the shopping mile “Bürger”, the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Helmholtz-Centre for Polar and Marine Research, the National German Maritime Museum, the Historical Museum, the German Emigration Centre and the Mediterraneo. Right next to the university campus are a modern Cinema, the Museum of Art and a very traditional City Theatre with the three genres of opera, drama and ballet which can offer a variety of programmes.

Inches away from the university is the Harbour Worlds Bremerhaven built on the old and new harbours, with which Bremerhaven will play a leading role in German city tourism. Right inside is the Climate House®Bremerhaven 8° East where visitors can experience world’s various climate zones. Therefore, Bremerhaven offers a wide range of educational, cultural and sports facilities, and not to mention clubs and bars for well-deserved breaks from daily study.

Art and culture

The extraordinary, award-winning museums in Bremerhaven fascinate its visitors. From technology to history, everything is exhibited. Usually, students are offered a favourable price by showing the student id card. 

The exhibition and the architecture of the Historical Museum Bremerhaven have been awarded several prizes. The museum conveys the history of this maritime city and covers shipping, fishing and industry. It goes back to the very beginning of the settlement in the region. 

To experience emigration, to find traces and to understand migration - this is the slogan of the German Emigration Centre Bremerhaven. The museum has been open since 2005 and since then visitors can experience the history of the largest German emigration harbour. Currently, the adventure museum is being extended. 

In the National German Maritime Museum a unique collection of historical objects and original ships is exhibited. The exhibition is not only in the building, but also outside in the Old Harbour: for example, the “Bark Seute Deern”, the submarine „Wilhelm Bauer” and the research ship “Grönland”. 

To make phenomena from all areas of natural science and technology touchable and comprehensive - it is the central objective of the Phänomenta Science Centre. It offers experiment stations that appeal to all seven senses and pose a challenge to your skilfulness. 

The Art Association Bremerhaven is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Bremerhaven. With the City Art Gallery Bremerhaven, it has its own exhibition hall.

Animals can be optimally observed at the Zoo at the SeaHuge underwater windows open an amazing view of seals and penguins for visitors. 

Always along the 8˚longitude, the Climate House® Bremerhaven  east allows visitors to begin a scientifically-founded expedition through the world’s various climate zones.

The theatre scene is just as attractive as the museums in Bremerhaven. The City Theatre offers a wide range of programmes of opera, musical and drama. In Forum Fischbahnhof there are entertainment services and information: a 150000-litre seawater aquarium and the TiF - Fishery Harbour Theatre make every visit to a memorable experience.

From congresses to conferences, from fairs to important pop concerts and sports events, events of all types are staged here in the City Festival Hall Bremerhaven.

Marionette Theatre Bremerhaven is an unaffiliated professional theatre. Based on traditional figures of doll theatre, new play forms are created between the performing and visual arts.

Cinemas in Bremerhaven are located close to each other. The Cinemotion Bremerhaven is directly next to the university and has six cinema halls. The Passage Cinema has two cinema halls. It has a living room atmosphere and the unbeatable favourable price.

However, it does not always have to be large attractions. There are also many small events which show the charm of the seaside town.


University housing offers rooms for students at a relative low price. There are two student dormitories in Bremerhaven run by Student Services Bremen.

In the living facility “Butenandt” (Adolf Butenandt-Straße 1) there are 30 fully furnished 1-bedroom apartments (19.59 m² to 27.94m²) for rent. Internet access and satellite system are available. Just several minutes’ walk away is the Speckenbütteler Park with a boat pond, an open-air museum and sports facilities. It is about 5.5 kilometres by bike to the university. The living facility “An der Allee” (An der Allee 36) offers 106 furnished 1-bedroom apartments (13 m² to 23m²) and 2-bedroom apartments (about 45 m²). Satellite system and internet access are installed. The facility is located in the city centre and it only takes about 15 minutes to go to the university by foot. An early application is necessary in order to get a room in the university housing, because there are always more applicants than rooms. 

Of course, there are also many offers in private rental market. Most students live in districts Mitte and Lehe. There is housing in plenty in Bremerhaven. Compared to other cities in Germany, rental prices are particularly low. The average rental price is from 3 to 4 Euros pro square meter (rent exclusive additional expenses). A special service is offered for new residents by the city of Bremerhaven. On the website of the city under “Bürgerservice/Bremerhaven für Neubürger” there is extensive information about necessary formalities required when people move. Moreover, flat advertisements in local newspapers on Saturdays and notice board of AStA are also useful sources.


Anyone who learns all day long needs sports as a counterbalance to their studies. Therefore, the AStA offers the students a variety of sports activities, and most of them are for free. For example, tennis courts can be booked in advance at AStA. Volleyball, basketball and indoor football are also available. Additionally, students of the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven have free access to all sports offerings of the Geestemünder Gymnastics Club. The OSC Bremerhaven offers special rates for students for the use of almost all of their sports facilities.

At the beginning of the winter semester, there is a university-run. Everyone is welcome to a leisurely lap. Anyone who wants to dance can go to the TC Capitol. By showing the student ID card, all students can receive favourable prices when using the water-skiing facility. The DLRG-Wehdel provides a wide range of activities of aquatics. The AStA and the Golfclub Bremerhaven offer fee-based golf courses together. The course contains theory, practices, playing licence exam and the test. As the “university by the sea”, a particular highlight is the cooperation with the Weser-Yacht-Club that offers trainings for the students in sailing and motor-boat sports as well as the introduction of seamanship knowledge. The beginners’ courses take place annually. Furthermore, advanced sailors can go sailing and take part in regattas at attractive prices.

Anyone who wants to play in a sports club will find lots of attractive sports and leisure programmes in the seaside town. A good overview is available on the website of the city.